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Liam. 19. New Jersey. Gay. White. Cis. Male. Feminist. Vegetarian. INFJ. He/his/him. I enjoy macarons and any movie with Meryl Streep. I like mermaids, flowers, cute animals, and cute boys. I try to make my blog as safe a space as possible but I mess up sometimes. If anything on this blog makes you feel uncomfortable or you need me to tag anything please let me know. Je parle français y yo hablo español.


things you don’t point out about people:

  • acne
  • cuts
  • Scars
  • body hair in places you’re not used to it being???
  • fat rolls/curves
  • how much/how little they’re eating
  • how skinny they are/what bones they can see because of how skinny they are
  • How fat they are.
  • If they have crooked or misaligned teeth maybe even yellowed
  • If they sweat a lot

don’t do it



dogs and horses


when u try to tell ur friends a pun



I was speaking to a friend in Gaza and he told me that his little cousin is writing her name all over her body with her markers, just in case she gets blown up and no one can identify her. She is 11 years old. 11. The psychological pain and trauma the Palestinian children go through is absolutely repulsive.


I feel like I, and many other tumblr users, are pretty much experiment 625 from Lilo and Stitch


he literally has all of the same powers as stitch


He had potential to do something great. He saw what Stitch and all the other experiments were doing, but he was just like


you know what sounds good

a sandwich


Medieval Bridge, Tollymore Forest, Ireland
photo via beauty


Medieval Bridge, Tollymore Forest, Ireland

photo via beauty